As long as Max can remember himself, he was always drawing. One can say,
that his love for art was born and grew up with him.

When he was 15, Max began painting on plywood, first with ordinary pastels, then oil pastels. From 1988 to 1993, his paintings were featured in exhibitions, accompanying by articles in the press. They were also a focus of a TV segment.

In 1994 Max Vinci went through a transformation process, taking a break from art to pursue other activities.

By twist of fate, Max found himself in India, where he lived for more than  13 years. That wondrous country, full of mysteries and colors, made him reevaluate his life, inspiring a search for spiritual perfection, which in turn had a positive influence on his creative process. He resumed painting with newfound drive and inspiration.

Max has experimented with different mediums: oil, gouache, watercolor, fluorescent paint, markers, charcoal, and various new techniques, including mixed media, graphic design and collages. In 2007 he discovered acrylic paint. He was dazed with the vibrancy of acrylic and a new creative period started in artist’s life. Max has been working with acrylic, as his prime medium, for the past 10 years.

Max Vinci’s paintings have a calming effect on the viewers. They radiate with harmony, creative energy and positive emotions.